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Akashic Readings and Intuitive Guidance with Lisa

Lisa uses a variety of modalities to enhance her intuitive guidance skills. With these techniques, gifts and insights, she provides you with information to help you unfolded your own gifts and talents while discovering your life's purpose and direction.

About Akashic Record Readings

​Akashic Record Reading is an energetic archive of every individual’s soul and its journey since creation. When connecting to the Records we gain a greater insight into family, careers, relationships, love, health, and your life’s direction. The Records will help give you guidance and clarity on how to handle a situation or decision. Valuable information is given during a reading that helps you align yourself and your soul. During a session loved ones or individuals who have passed may come through with messages to help you in this life time. The Akashic Records are a wonderful healing energy with unconditional love and support.

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About Intuitive Guidance

Intuitive Reading & Guidance During a reading you will gain insight into family, career, relationships, love, health, or your life's direction. Also during a session spirit, loved ones or individuals who have crossed-over may come through with messages to help bring you peace, comfort, and perhaps some closure. After your reading,  you will feel relaxed, refreshed and full of hope. "Just breathe and believe!"


Schedule a session with Lisa today

Akashic Reading & Intuitive Guidance

Presently all sessions are done remotely until it is safe for us to meet in-person. 

For cost, availability, and if you have any questions please contact Lisa at
603-566-3104 or


•  Relieve stress, anxiety, and fear

•  Gain insight into your career

•  Get a better perspective on issues 
•  Learn to breathe and relax correctly

•  Helps stop that stinking thinking

•  Find new ways to direct anger

•  Discover your soul’s purpose

•  Promote better sleeping patterns
•  Eliminate any obstacles or blocks
•  Achieve your personal goals
•  Help find a balance within your life

•  Create a life for which you have
    always dreamed

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