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Lisa Greenleaf provides a wide selection of services, to include full graphic design services, book 
designing, publishing, illustrations, fine art, website designs, motivational programs, educational programs, classes and workshops. Her back-ground and knowledge in the corporate and art worlds have given Lisa additional perspectives in how she can assist in your creative needs as well as inspire you in your own business and life endeavors. 

Graphic Design , Fine Art & Illusrations



Lisa's talents and accomplishments include:

Coming Events

At this time no events scheduled as I'm busy illustrating books. 

Thanks for taking the time to visit my site and if you have suggestions or comments just write. 


Greenleaf Design Studio
WELCOME to my Lg Website

Whether it's your first time visiting or
you've stop by before,
all my art, books, and events 
have expanded some more. 

From new art in my portfolio
to open mics that may allure. 
Plus, I thought is was time
to expand the

What's at the Lg Store

LgStore is packed with art, books, note cards, gifts and more. I've put my own personalize touches to each item in my store. 

Think about giving a gift to a friend, family member or that special someone that needs a little happiness in there life.

New Look website
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