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Reading & Services

Energy Work, Intuitive Guidance, Angel Card Readings & Meditation Prices:

Reiki & IET (Integrated Energy Therapy) Session*:

   30 minutes – $50    •​    1 hour – $85  

Intuitive Reading & Guidance, Medium & Spirit messenger,
& Akashic Reading Session*:

   30 minutes – $60    •​    1 hour – $90


*Special Package Prices for above sessions:

​Sessions can be combined with different services. Your first
session includes a 15 minute FREE consultation.
   3-Sessions, 1 hour each $244.00
   4-Sessions, 1 hour each $303.00
   6-Sessions, 1 hour each $403.00
Sessions must be scheduled for different dates.
Full payment is required at first session.​

Telephone Readings and Consultations:

   30 minutes – $55    •​    1 hour – $80

Guided Meditation:  30 minutes—$35

​If you would like to cancel or modify an appointment,  a minimum of 24 hours is requested. Missed appointments

are subject to a $25 cancellation fee. 


Lisa accepts all forms of payment (cash, checks and credit cards). Full payment is due as time of service or session.

Schedule a energy healing session or intuitive reading today.

Reiki & IET (Integrated Energy Therapy) Session is an ancient Japanese healing technique used for stress reduction and relaxation. It is administered with gentle hands-on healing techniques. Reiki is a natural modality that can be beneficial to anyone. It can improve your physical health as well as achieving greater peace of mind, happiness, and balance within your life.(Rei means “divine love or power.” Ki means “life force energy.”)


I provide a safe, relaxing and comfortable environment for your session. We briefly talk and discuss what issues, problems or goals you are working on or trying to overcome. During a treatment you will be asked to lay fully clothed on a massage table. Quiet healing music will be played while I scan and connect to your energy centers. With your permission, I administer a gentle hands-on touch to apply Reiki and/or IET energy healing vibrations. 

You may feel a warm, cold or tingling sensation in different parts of your body during a session. With your eyes closed you may see lights, colors, shapes, flash memories or you may even fall asleep.  What ever you experience is perfectly normal and extremely safe. If you have any questions or comments during or after a session please let me know. This session is private everything experienced, shared and discovered stays within the four walls of my safe healing studio.

When you leave my studio you may feel calmer, lighter, happier, relaxed, and even experience relief from discomfort or pain. You may want to go home to relax and sleep or you may have a burst of energy. Listen to what your body wants. And give yourself permission to have some "ME" time. Please drink plenty of water which helps with the healing and clearing process. Also remember if you have any questions or concerns please call or email me.

Presently all sessions are done remotely until it is safe for us  

•  Learn to breathe and relax correctly

•  Relieve pain and discomfort

•  Relieve stress, anxiety, and fear
•  Promote better sleeping patterns
•  Eliminate any obstacles or blocks
•  Helps release guilt and anger

•  Softens heartache and betrayal

•  Helps with depression and sadness

                      and much more. . . 


Relax and rejuvenate with energy work, intuitive guidance and meditation. It's a refreshing way for you to reconnect with your own inner voice, wisdom and loved ones. Start living and creating the life you have always believed in and deserve.

Lisa additional perspectives in how she can assist you in finding a balance within your career, life and family, while feeling alive and whole again.

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