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Women of the Green Mountain

Women of the Green Mountain

  • By Patty Lyman Schremmer and Others
    Illustrated & Designed by Lisa Greenleaf


    America's Notable Women Series


    The Green Mountains lay claim to the heroines of the past and the leaders of the present. These women have championed their causes as icons in the arts, politics, medicine, and education and laid the framework for today's Vermont.


    Women featured: Mary Azarian, Consuelo Northrup Bailey, Hilda Belcher, Myra Bradwell, Jeanne A. Brink, Shirley Chevalier, Kelly Clark, Barbara Ann Cochran, Grace Goodhue Coolidge, Dorothy Canfield Fisher, Katharine Ide Gray, Madeleine May Kunin, Clarina Howard Nichols, Lucy Terry Prince, Linda Richards, Patty Sheehan, Nettie Maria Stevens, Ann Story, Tasha Tudor, Jessie Daisy Turner, Mary Palmer Tyler, Maria von Trapp, Emma Hart Willard, Jody Williams, Caroline Ardelia Yale


    RL 5.5 - ages 9 and up
    Interest level: grades 5 and above (136 pages)

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