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Testimonials from clients are wonderful gifts of their love and appreciation. Here are what clients are saying after their session.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you for your healing work! I don't know what type of magic you did yesterday but I feel like the blockages I had are gone. I feel so much lighter and a few things that I was struggling with I have sorted through mentally because of some of the advice you gave me. I love the one about bringing someone's energy into the room and speaking to their energy in order to speak my truth when it's hard. That one has already helped me. 


I've never felt such a drastic change in my energy. Like sludge that weighed 20 pounds has been sitting on me for months has finally been cleaned off. That's a weird analogy but that's legitimately what it feels like.

 You are amazing. " Jen, MA

"I’ve known Lisa both professionally and personally for about 30 years and I’ve had the chance to witness her development as a Reiki master. I was dealing with a lot of hip pain. I went through traditional medical tests and was about to start taking pain medicine when I decided to try Reiki as an alternative plan. I was pretty nervous since this was my first experience with alternative medicine, but I found myself very relaxed and comfortable. My Reiki/IET session with Lisa was in a warm, safe setting and Lisa was confident and patient. Two days after the Reiki session, my hip pain was gone and has not returned. I plan on going back to Lisa for some more Reiki help in May."–Sheila, NH

" I was losing sleep over some family issues I was having. Even in my waking hours Iwas consumed with anger, fear; What if's?; How can I fix this?; What am I going to do? I decided to have a Akashic Reading  from Lisa, even though I wasn't sure how this could help me. During the session she gave me insight on how to help me manage all my negative thoughts, stresses and fears. She also gave me insight and a different perspective on the issue at hand. I immediately began to relax and even weeks later I found myself not worrying about these issues as much. In fact the problem has almost been resolved. Thanks Lisa for your talented healing skills!" –Robert, NH

"I could not focus at all. My anxiety level was high and I found myself worrying about everything all at the same time; my kids, work, bills, health and my relationships with my family, boyfriend and friends. ​Durning my Reiki/IET session Lisa gently placed her hands on top of my head, then moved to my neck and then onto my shoulders. I felt this calmness come over me and I began to relax. I felt lighter, uplifted and at peace. Thanks Lisa!" –Nancy, NH

"I left your healing studio feeling lighter, happier, almost like I was glowing. There was a lot of information and insight given to me. Lisa truly gave me the compassionate, caring and gentle kick that I needed for me to make positive changes within my life." –Susan, NH

Hear testimonials from Lisa Greenleaf's clients

"I have received an Akashic records reading from Lisa a handful of times, and each time I receive clarity and understanding about my life. Lisa relays exactly what I need to hear every time. Her delivery is compassion-ately objective, nonjudgmental and trustworthy. I leave the session feeling energized, redirected and with lifted spirits!"
~ Jo B., MA

"Lisa helped me to reconnect with my spiritual self, something I had been out
of contact with for a long time. My reading helped me feel centered, enlightened and relaxed. During the reading I also learned tools that I could immediately apply to help improve my life.

I returned and had my first Reiki session with Lisa.  I was amazed I finally had relief from the pain that I had been carrying for years. I have a journey ahead of me but thanks to Lisa I am back on the path to wholeness. I now know, that for the first time in a long time, peace is in my future. Thank you for your guidance Lisa." –Kari, MA


"I have been a successful business owner for 25 years.  I recently felt a need to make a change and expand my business. I was excited and hopeful at the idea of moving forward with my expansion. As I began the construction my fears, panic attacks and stresses came flooding into my life very quickly. This was when I decide to have an Akashic Record Reading from Lisa. It was amazing. The information that she gave me was accurate, positive and very healing. I knew that my decision to expand mybusiness was meant to be.
I began to relax immediately. Even days later I still felt the calm effect the reading had on me. Thank you Lisa!
" –Jennifer, MA

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