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The Monarch Method Oracle Card Deck & Guidebook

By Dr. Kimble Greene

Illustrated and designed by
Lisa Greenleaf

The Monarch Method™ Oracle Cards and Guidebook, key to The Monarch Method™ process, is an essential and fun tool to for personal transformation.  It will help you interpret the messages that are all around you, offering guidance and direction with what you intuitively and subconsciously know to be in your best interest.

MM oracle card box set with cardsMOCKUP.
MM_Darter Dragonfly and message
MM_Forest Fairy and message
MM_Snowy Owl and message
MM_Winged Wolf and message

About the Illustrations

Each of the winged creatures were lovingly designed and illustrated by Lisa Greenleaf. Both mythical and actual winged creatures were chosen by Kimble to accentuate the core beliefs on each card because they represent free will and grace.

As a bonus

In the companion guide book are "Lisa Messages" for each card that Lisa designed and illustrated. These are channelled messages that she received from spirit, angels and master guides.

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