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Artist, designer, and intuitive Lisa Greenleaf

About Lisa

Lisa Greenleaf is an award-winning artist, author, graphic designer, and energy healing intuitive. Growing up in the small coastal town of Manchester By-the-Sea, MA and on the shores of Province Lake, NH she was inspired by the many sights, sounds and the love of the ocean and White Mountains. At a very young age she discovered her passion for drawing, painting, and design, which helped her develop and harness her many gifts, talent, insights and healing abilities.


Lisa has been the owner of Greenleaf Design Studio for over 20 years. Her company provides clients and organizations with full graphic design services including, book designing/publishing, illustrations, fine art, website/social media designs, marketing needs, inspirational art classes and workshops. She is also an award-winning author & illustrator of over 30 books. Her background and knowledge in the corporate and art worlds have given Lisa additional perspectives that help clients and businesses establish a brand and visual identity that stand out from the competition.


In 2005 Lisa began her spiritual journey and became a certified Usui Reiki Master, Integrated Energy Therapist (IET) Master Instructor. While embracing more of her healing abilities she became an Akashic Record Practitioner and Intuitive Medium. Throughout her fifteen years of experience and training, she has worked with many wonderful teachers who have helped develop her skills and connect with her spiritual guides. These mentors have taught Lisa how to trust and harness her own gifts, while rising to a level of confidence and clarity that she now uses to help inspire and heal hundreds of others into finding their true passion and happiness.


When Lisa takes a little break from her artsy sides and healing gifts, you can find her playing with golden doodle Willow, and kayaking and paddle boarding along NH and MA rivers and shores. In the evenings, she is frequently singing and playing her ukulele at home or open mic venues with her husband Bob.

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