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Welcome to the IAM Gallery. Lisa will share personal visual energy creations that she has channeled, painted and drawn. She works with her spirit guides, angels, and loved ones, and with the clients* permission, Lisa connects with their energy and asks for messages that may help them on their soul’s journey towards an awakening, a shift, healing or enlightenment. Each IAM piece is unique to the client and is infused with a loving healing energy. 


Perhaps when you view this gallery their messages may speak to you too. For more information or to request your own IAM click here.

*Please note that my clients gave me permission to share their IAMs and messages.

LisaG-IAM for website.jpg

 "Reach for the Stars", anything is possible. You are a true divine light embodied in human form. You feel like you are always reaching but just quite can't get there. You are "THERE" and you are on your path. Rise above all of the anchors, struggles, obstacles and fears you are feeling. They are NOT TRUE, this is your self negative talk that you are saying to yourself. Give yourself more LOVE and KINDNESS. . . .more

Erin W-IAM for website.jpg

I saw you dancing and being playful outside. It's time to connect with your playful side again. Explore and do things that bring you joy and happiness. Shake it up! It's okay to be silly and playful again. Get out in nature and really be present in the moment. Go for more walks and hikes out in nature. Breath in the fresh air of the mountain air or ocean sides. You put so much pressure on yourself. . . more

Karen-IAM for website.jpg

When I first connected to your energy I heard this message, "The world is your canvas it's yours to explore" and your precious cat, that is in heaven, was right on your shoulder. Everything you desire is right at your fingertips. It's time for you to gently and continually forgive yourself and start believing that anything is possible. . . more

Lisa-hawk-IAM for website.jpg

When I first connected to your energy I saw the image of a red tale hawk around you and then a vision, of you sitting on a rock overlooking mountain, lake, and forest scenery. It's a place that you visit many times in your dreams, daydreaming, and when you meditate. It's your calming and relaxing place. It's time you get outside more in nature and explore new places and opportunities. You are more alive when you are outside in nature. . . more

For more information or to request your own personalized IAM click here.

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