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Women of the Ocean State

Women of the Ocean State

  • By Linda Crotta Brennan and Others
    Illustrated & Designed by Lisa Greenleaf


    America's Notable Women Series


    Rhode Island’s women have given this small state a huge historical footprint. Accomplishments in business, activism, sports, and the arts make the Ocean State a model for women’s achievements. 


    Women featured: Elizabeth Beisel, Alva Vanderbilt Belmont, Ruth Buzzi, Elizabeth Buffum Chace, Prudence Crandall, Jill Craybas, Sarah Elizabeth Doyle, Elleanor Eldridge, Ann Smith Franklin, Julia Ward Howe, Anne Hutchinson, Joyce Jillson, Matilda Joyner Jones, Ida Lewis, Frances H. McDougall, Martha McSally, Jennifer Murray, Jackie Kennedy Onassis, Annie Smith Peck, Nancy Elizabeth Prophet, Claudine Schneider, Janet Moreau Stone, Ojetta Rogeriee Thompson, Princess Red Wing


    RL 5.5 - ages 9 and up
    Interest level: grades 5 and above (136 pages)

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