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Art Classes, Workshops & Lessons with Lisa

Creative Spirit Cafes

Creative Spirit Cafes are individual workshops using themes inspired by nature, meditations and positive affirmations to help relax, unwind and have fun. Some of these cafes include Serenity, Mindfulness, Connection, Trust, Freedom, Visualization, and Nurturing. Each workshop will begin with a guided meditation including gentle music to help quiet your mind. Lisa has prepared a collection of fun, engaging and mindful projects that are designed to encourage you to tap into and discover your artsy side. Using paper, pencils, brushes, glue or scissors, we will draw, doodle, paint and learn coloring and collage techniques to create positive messages through art.  CLICK HERE for FLYER

Serenity Cafe Workshop ~ Explore the art of doodling and create your own nature inspired 

doodle with a positive message. Discover a stillness that helps spark your creative side. MORE


Mindfulness Cafe Workshop ~ Create a moment of happiness by coloring a Mindful Mandala. Trust that your expressive side will shine by simply relaxing and quieting your mind. MORE

Connection Cafe Workshop ~ Imagine yourself feeling firmly connected to the Earth’s energies by learning the art of tree drawing. Learn different styles and techniques of tree drawing. This process can help you feel more grounded, connected and present in the moment.  MORE 

Visualization Cafe Workshop ~ Create and manifest your own visionboard for the future! What are your dreams? What makes your heart soar? Find the freedom to create, breathe, and play.  MORE


Freedom Cafe Workshop ~ Explore the magic of watercolor and ink to create a beautiful art-inspired piece. Through guided steps we will let the paint flow from your brush onto paper.  We will then apply strokes of nature-inspired patterns creating a beautiful art message and painting. MORE


Nurturing Cafe Workshop Designing and creating your own handmade journal to help nurture your ideas, inspirations, wishes, desires. Now is the time to listen to those little nudges and write or draw them into your own creative journal. MORE  


Trust Cafe Workshop ~ Experience gentle guided meditations and allow yourself to draw with your eyes closed. In a safe and caring environment, learn to trust and feel what is coming through your hands and fingertips. MORE

Supplies will be provided, as well as hot and cold beverages. Each workshop takes between 2-3 hours and for ages 16 through adults. Cost for each workshop is $38.


Workshops offered at: 

  • Greenleaf Design Studio, Nashua, NH

  • Or gather 4 or more people together at your home, office or facility
    and Lisa will bring the workshops to you.

For more information contact Lisa at: 
Lisa@Lisagreenleaf or call 603-566-3104

"You created a warm and inviting atmosphere where we all could unwind from a busy day. You guided us through a soothing meditation which prepped us to relax through our MindDoodlez. The break down of the design and giving us little tips were essential in keeping us from feeling overwhelmed and becoming perfectionists. Your reminders to breathe were excellent! We all  enjoyed the evening and went home feeling inspired to create.Thanks Lisa!" ~ Stacy, Hollis, NH

Lisa offers Art Lessons for all ages. Whether you are a beginner or advanced student or just love creating, she has designed her lessons to meet the needs of all aspiring artists and graphic designers. Classes are struct-ured yet open-ended, allowing students to express their own unique abilities through their own interests, passions and experiences.

Classes offered:


Develop art skills through the foundation of drawing. 
Students  build self-confidence while learning different styles of drawing. They will learn how to use charcoal, graphite pencil, and colored pencil. 


Mixed Media

Experiment with different art materials, styles and tools to add a variety to your art which helps encourage and express your individual artistic style. Your creative possiblities are endless.


Graphic & Computer Design

Learn basic and traditional graphic design skills along with using CS Adobe InDesign. Lisa will cover basic design concepts, layout, typography, and color. You will get hands-on experience and skills to create your own custom designs, logo, brochures, flyers, books, etc. You will also expand your knowledge and learn basic techniques in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to creatively adjust, enhance, and retouch images or photos that you will add to your designs. (Helpful to own or have access to the CS Adobe InDesign, Photoshop or Illustrator.)


Art Supplies: Some art supplies are provided but it is encouraged to purchase your own in order to practice the skills at home. A supply list will be provided once you have signed-up for lessons.   

Art Lessons

Let's doodle together with MIND Doodlez!
It's the art of creative doodling.

Offering classes and workshops for individuals & groups:

  • Weekly lessons for adults and children

  • Birthday parties or celebrations for adults and children

  • Office parties or events

  • Girls night out     . . .and more


Be inspired by nature, meditations and positive affirmations to help relax, unwind and have fun. This creative art form is easy for any one to learn. If you can write your name or draw a crooked line you can discover the artist from within. Each class will begin with a guided meditation. You will then learn creative designs, patterns, techniques and nature inspired patterns to
create positive messages. This is a free form, colorful and
individually guided method of pen and ink. Anyone can
become an artist . . . Just Breathe and Believe. 


Programs for Ages 8 through Adults.
Classes, Workshops and parties are 1 to 2 hours. 
Class size 5 to 15 individual.
Contact Lisa for prices. 603-566-3104 or

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