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Fine Art

Lisa creates visually stunning drawings and paintings by using a variety of mediums, including graphite pencil, watercolor, colored pencil, and acrylics. 

Lisa Greenleaf artist
Tucks Point, Manchester, MA
Whittier Bridge, OssipeeNH
Summer View Mt-Chocorua
Coastal Lighthouse, Gloucester, MA
Pickity Place, Mason, NH
Mabry Mills
First Parish Church, Manchester, MA
NH Fall Reflections
Motif, Rockport, MA
The First Church, Nashua, NH
Commissioned Portrait
A Tree of Life
Breaking Free
Commissioned child portrait
Commissioned pet portrait
Dogs Best Friend, commissioned piece


Lisa is an accomplished detailed illustrator who can enhance your stories and books with colorful illustrations. The medium she work in is colored pencil, graphite pencil and watercolor.

The Barefoot Boy cover illustration
Firefly Kisses, book illustration
Apples of Hesperides, illustration
Hildegard's Tree Vision
Laughing brook, book illustration
Hildegard's Winged Vision
Variety birds
Time with Mother Nature
The Dirty Dozen
Good Morning Young Whittier_lg
Hornets nest, book illustration
Tortoise & the Woodchuck
Feet Kissed by the Dew
Kissed by Strawberries on the Hill
The Barefoot Boy Going Fishing
Robin Feeds her Young
Purple Ribbon Sky
Hildegard's Vision Wave
Hildegard's Hand of God Vision
Chapter Opener
Chapter Opener
Women of the Bay State, MA
Important Signature
Women of the Granite State
Nelson & McCloskey

Photoshop Art & Retouching

Using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator Lisa takes your concepts and ideas to create visually stunning photo images/art for trade books, educational brochures, blogs and marketing pieces.

Feathers & Trumpets
Aura Infusions
Earth Day cover illustration
Zoot Suit Riot Cover
Believe in the Magic
Honk if you (heart) @bolderblog
In the News
National Training Network

Digital Art

Lisa is an accomplished detailed digital illustrator using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to create art that compliment stories, books, media and marketing pieces.

Cover illus. for Running On Empty
Illustrations for Running On Empty
llustrations for Running On Empty
llustrations for Running On Empty
llustrations for Running On Empty
llustrations for Running On Empty
Simple Gifts
Facial Expressions
The M-Team
Steps for making an omelet
Night Owl
Robert many thoughts
Brain Diagram
The M-Team meets Washington
An angry boy
The M-Team Meets Paul Revere
The M-team Meets an Ace flyer
The M-team travels to Louisiana
Surfer Girl
The Hidden Rainbow Box
The Boy Who Cried Wolf
The M-Team travels to the Alamo
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