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School Visits & Educational Programsfor Pre-K, K–12 & Adults

Lisa Greenleaf is available for school visits and educational programs at schools, libraries or other venues. Her programs are creative, exciting, inspiring, and tailored to any age. She loves motivating the artist, writer and musician within you!

Programs Offered:

  • Discover the Artist, Writer, and Designer in You
    Have you ever had a desire to draw, paint, write or maybe design? Lisa will explain where her ideas come from and how she begins her creative process with drawing and writing. She will share her childhood stories, anecdotes and struggles that she encountered as a writer, artist and musician.  MORE
    Q & A will be included in her presentation. Program for grades K–12, 1 hours.
    Can accommodate audience sizes up to 200 individuals.

  • How to Design and put a Book Together
    Do you have an idea for a book? Learn how to put your stories, poems, essays and drawings into a book. Lisa will take you through the steps of a writing, editing, proofing, sketching and story-boards, to a final layout. She will review the basic parts of a book and explain typeface styles, art and photo choices.  MORE
    Program for grades 1—12, 1 hour, Class size: 6–30 individuals, Artist in Residence Program, 1– 3 days 

  • Sing-a-long with Lisa Greenleaf & Bob Pope
    Bring music into the classroom with musicians, Lisa and Bob. With their guitars, ukulele, kazoos, tambourines, drums and voices, they will entertain with traditional children’s songs, folk songs, the classics, and holiday songs. MORE
    Program for Grades Pre-K–3rd, 50 to 60 minutes 

  • Learn the Art of Doodling
    Learn the creative art of Mind Doodlez. This is a style of art that anyone can learn. If you can write your name with a pen, draw a crooked line, or make a funny shape, you will discover the artist within. This simple form of art will help you relax, reduce stress, improve your focus, and just have fun.  
    Supply list will be provided before each program. 
    Program for grades 1 – 12, 1 to 1-1/2 hours. Class size: 6–20 individuals.

"Artist in Residence"

Combine any of the programs listed in this brochure and invite Lisa to come into your school, library, institution, or home for a multi-day experience. For more information and scheduling, Contact Lisa.

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