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Women of the Constitution State

Women of the Constitution State

  • By Diane Mayr and the Write Sisters
    Illustrated & Designed by Lisa Greenleaf


    America's Notable Women Series


    Introduce students to incredible Connecticut women—from the Revolutionary War through today—who influenced the arts, science, and society. 

    Women featured: Ruth Hughes Aarons, Mary Jobe Akeley, Anni Albers, Emma Fielding Baker, Evelyn L. Batchelder, Lucia Chase, Jewel Plummer Cobb, Martha Minerva Franklin, Alice Hamilton, Dr. Jane Hamilton-Merritt, Ellen Dorrit Hoffleit, Mary Goodrich Jenson, Emeline Roberts Jones, Sarah Kemble Knight, Madeleine L'Engle, Donna Lopiano, Constance B. Motley, Rosa Melba Ponselle, Sarah Porter, Edith C. Roosevelt, Margaret Fogarty Rudkin, Abby Hadassah Smith, Ida Tarbell, Hannah Bunce Watson, Mabel Osgood Wright


    RL 5.5 - ages 9 and up
    Interest level: grades 5 and above (136 pages)

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